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The site Informer is one of the few independent online media in the south of Ukraine. We are independent from industrial, political and economic groups. Our goal is to tell the inhabitants of southern Ukraine about important political and economic processes throughout the region, including the Euroregion of the Danube and neighboring EU states.
We write about serious topics easily and affordable
Everyday we work hard to make life of our country better
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Our site has more than 30 thousand direct visits monthly. Our analyst was repatriated by European organizations in Ukraine, government ministers and politicians.
More than 13,000 Facebook subscribers have signed up for us. Over the past 3 months more than 100 thousand views of our materials
More than 5,000 subscribers of Instagram have signed up for us. Over the last 3 months more than 50 thousand views of our materials
Twitter and Telegram
More than 1500 subscribers of these social networks have signed up for us. Over the last 3 months more than 15000 thousand views of our materials
Over the past three years, we have written and published over 100 analytic articles. All of them are visualized and interesting to the modern reader.

Examples of our articles:

We have created over 100 videos in a special caption video format describing important events in the region. We broadcast these videos in our channels on social networks and on the main site. In addition to the usual news in this format, we are talking about important reforms, elections, changes in the country.

Our correspondents broadcast live on social networks from the main events of the city: pickets for human rights, sessions of local councils and cultural events.

The audience of our video formats over the past year has amounted to more than 100,000 views.
Example of video
Our main auditory
Everyday we work hard to make analitics and news for our subscribers
Specialists in social and political spheres.
We write articles and analytics about current topics of our regional reality. We try to give experts and multiplicators additional arguments and topics for reflection.
Youth people with good education and motivation
We go to social networks with highly motivated youth to encourage them to get information from the most reliable sources and to be active citizens.
Self-employed persons, community activists and entrepreneurs
We create content for entrepreneurship development, support community projects and write success stories of vulnerable groups of people.
Meet our team
The smartest people work every day to provide the best information and to make our readers knowledgeable
Pavlo Kolotvin
Founder & Director
Mariya Shevchuk
Oleksandr Zamkovoi
Project coordinator
Natalia Shevchuk
Oksana Suponenko
Author of special projects
Dionis Lebedev
IT support
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