Cyprus by NECI
Experience of our team

December 06-15, 2018
It was the best way to improve our professional skills and to become more valuable in life
Pavlo Kolotvin
The program was very rich, interesting and useful. I learned a lot about intercultural interaction. Sessions and classes were complete. Mentors conducted their work at a high level. In my opinion, work on team building and familiarity of project participants was carried out at a very high level.

The atmosphere of all the days of exchange was very good. The participants were able to discover many different new qualities, relax and enjoy communication. The members of our team were also able to discover new skills, renew their thinking and establish contacts with colleagues from other countries.

It should be noted excellent logistics, living conditions and food. During the whole project, I felt confident. There was an understanding that all processes are under the control of the organizers and they control the situation. Throughout the day, I was busy with specific activities related to the project. There was very little time without any business. It pleases because there is no sense of wasted time. Every minute made sense and the reflection after the project says that this experience was not wasted.

This experience has had an impressive influence on me and, I am sure, will help me in my daily work and life.

Meri Natsvaladze
I am grateful to this project and organizers for giving me a great opportunity to get to know other cultures better. I could never have thought that through art it is indeed possible to learn so well about other cultures.

The way we all created art helped us all reveal all the features of culture. I am also delighted with the format of the event. All were included in the work, everyone took it seriously and tried to make it as bright, interesting and informative as possible.

Such events are very important and necessary in order not only to study about other countries but even about one's own.

After the project, I really want to visit all 7 countries to learn more about them, and of course, to meet again with new friends from the project)

Alina Duminskaya
This project was a great experience for me. So many interesting people, so many interesting activities and so many memories! Through project I have met so many people from different countries and it's so great to understand that now I have friends at least in 8 countries.

Their cultures, languages and even the way of thinking are so various, but we have found this connection, that will stay with us, I hope, through all our life.

And also I hope more people involve in this project because it's a unique experience
Alex Zamkovoi
This project really became a unique experience for me even though I have already participated in Youth in Action programme in 2013.

But that time it was more about socialization and cultural exchange as I haven't faced the problems of real life that time. This time I've really put myself to all the activities in order to feel the fulfillment, melt the ice of misunderstanding that happens in professional and intercultural communication in my life.

Here I really got the chance to meet different personalities and to find the way to build an effective communication for achieving the right results. I feel much better and stronger now. All this became a fresh air for my thoughts and my self expression.

I'm very grateful to the project for giving me such a joy and rehab.

Oleksandra Suprun
ILTA 2018 was my first experience of participation in youth exchange and it totally exceeded my expectations. The topic of the project was very close to me as I consider myself a creative person.

First of all, I was impressed by the wide range of activities we had during the project. All the participants had an opportunity to express themselves in different kinds of arts, share their opinions and experience. Secondly, I enjoyed the people I met at the project.

All the participants were very friendly, open-minded, energetic and interesting people to talk to. We spent a wonderful time together and learnt a lot about each other's cultures. I am grateful to the project for improving my personal skills, for example interpersonal communication, working in a team and problem-solving.

Special thanks to the hosting team as they were well-organized and helpful. I am happy to have an opportunity to participate in this outstanding project.

Yevhen Popov
It is great to realize how this project influence on our values, opinions and behavior. The arts which was explore through participation demonstrates high level of engagement and involvement of the participants. One of the most interesting and exiting component for me is a group dynamic.

The participants from each country demonstrates numbers of skills and approaches which was beneficial to their partners. This component creates a unique possibility to everybody to change their vision and behavior. The group has shown really great team work and involvement through creative and unique activities.

Moreover, the large number of participants of this training was participate in such kind of activities firstly. The skills, knowledge and vision gained in this exchange definitely will help youth and their communities in transforming reality to the better.