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VR/AR technology to improve media literacy
Institute of Political Information
Our mission is to promote the transformation of the state, socio-political institutions and the information space in accordance with democratic values and human rights.

NGO Institute of Political Information was established in Odesa, Ukraine and has been operating since 2011. The organization aims to raise public awareness of reforms and political processes in Ukraine, and develop quality analytical content, research, infographics, and news materials that raise public awareness of European integration, association with the EU and NATO.
Our organization has implemented several high-tech projects, and has experience in application development, working with face recognition technology and creating analytics.
Mobile application that helps to quickly and easily get information about politicians and their activities, biography, program and income. (@I_vote_bot)
An independent educational platform designed to help voters get acquainted with party programs quickly and conveniently and to reach their decisions rationally.
Open Odesa
Educational application for active residents of the city. This application allows you to get online information about the activities of the Odessa City Council.
The user will have the opportunity to independently study the details
What is the main essence of our project.

Our organization is currently working on the development of virtual reality technology in the media space. One of the stages concerns the development of criteria for journalistic standards and media literacy when working with VR / AR and the use of this technology in the fight against the spread of fakes and disinformation.

Modern people are often faced with information that needs to be verified. The best way to see what is happening is with your own eyes. Using existing VR technologies, as well as some of the technological innovations we are working on, the user will have the opportunity to be at the epicentre of events. Imagine that you want to see for yourself what has happened in Bucha in Ukraine. Russian propaganda reports that this is a pre-arranged production and a fake. However, VR systems will allow you to be transferred to Bucha, where you will be able to see what is happening there with your own eyes, hear the comments of experts and immerse yourself in the essence of what is happening.

An ordinary text or a TV report will not convey the fullness of emotions, as VR technologies will do. The next stage in the development of this technology will allow the viewer to move around the location as it happens in video games in the first person. For the first time, the user will have the opportunity to independently study the details and examine objects of interest up close and draw their conclusions.

Our goals and main audience
Fact-checking information with your own eyes. Close contact with the events on-site.
Raising people's awareness of important events in the world. Their involvement in the process.

Improving the standards
Improving the standards and quality of journalism. Development of standards for VR reporting.
The main audience of the project is young people who use new technologies in their activities and will be ready to disseminate truthful information in their environment.

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