Cyprus, by NECI
Intercultural Learning through Sports and Outdoor Activities

Experience of our team. NGO Institute of political information.
9.10.2017 - 18.10.2017
It was the best way to improve our professional skills and become more valued
Pavlo Kolotvin
The program was very rich, interesting and useful. I learned a lot about intercultural interaction. Sessions and classes were complete. Mentors conducted their work at a high level. In my opinion, work on team building and familiarity of project participants was carried out at a very high level.

The atmosphere of all the days of exchange was very good. The participants were able to discover many different new qualities, relax and enjoy communication. The members of our team were also able to discover new skills, renew their thinking and establish contacts with colleagues from other countries.

It should be noted excellent logistics, living conditions and food. During the whole project, I felt confident. There was an understanding that all processes are under the control of the organizers and they control the situation. Throughout the day, I was busy with specific activities related to the project. There was very little time without any business. It pleases because there is no sense of wasted time. Every minute made sense and the reflection after the project says that this experience was not wasted.

This experience has had an impressive influence on me and, I am sure, will help me in my daily work and life.

Mariia Donets
First of all, I would like to mention, that this is my first experience in participating in Erasmus + program and in a program of such kind. This was definitely an exceptional experience.

If our almost every hour wasn't full of activities, I would be on my phone/laptop working all the time and it would be a failure, so thank you for really thinking it through. I loved every piece from arts to games. My favourite were obviously intercultural nights and exchanging our talents. I love how you have divided obligations of data collection among participants, maybe it would be also cool to divide other as well. Like having a one responsible participant for clean area, who would inspire others/remind them to clean and such.

Organizers, you are amazing. Everything was set and well done way earlier than we arrived. You are just a perfect team in my opinion. The whole spirit was created mostly by you. The accommodation was extremely nice, place, where we stayed very comfortable with reasonable distance to everything needed. Food is my personal love. Miss salads and rice already.

Vasilisa Chumachenko
The trip by Youth Exchange «Intercultural Learning through Sports and Outdoor Activities» was a mystery to me. This is my first such experience of participating in the exchange, so I was not sure that I would like it, that I would find a common language with the participants. However, I did not feel any discomfort from the very beginning - the organizers took care of every detail.

I really liked how much logistics was thought through. Living conditions were at the highest level, comfortable location. Special thanks for the food. Although it can not be called diverse, it was still very tasty, I learned some cooking methods for myself.

Unexpected experiences have become for me in mini-projects, which we dealt with every day. When we redesigned the games for social inclusion, it was interesting to go beyond your thinking and come up with something that no one else came up with and that could simplify communication with people with disabilities. Many of the games that teams came up with would not be easy to implement in real life, but their idea makes us think about solutions to problems that exist in our society. I liked that some teams were guided not only by sports assignments, but also focused on team play, creative approach and devised rules that would emphasize the importance of people with disabilities.

On this project, I also felt important. I realized that I have information that can help many participants in their daily lives. For example, I conducted a lecture on the art of mobile photography, and many participants approached a few days after the lecture and thanked me for the training - their photos became much more quality and effective.

It was interesting to get new knowledge from areas I had never encountered before. For example, I remember the techniques of martial art.

But most of the impressions are connected, of course, with Cyprus itself. I fell in love with the beaches and the sea, I still remember garnets, lime and tangerines, which you could just rip off on the street. I remember the taste of ice cream, which we do not have. I really liked the local people - kind and open. Chilling in the Blue Lagoon was a real fairy tale for me.

I would like the theme of the following programs to be related to architecture, urban design. If the social theme, then this is feminism, gender discrimination.
Eugene Popov
The Youth Exchange "Intercultural Learning through Sports and Outdoor Activities" what take part in Cyprus in 09-18/10/17 is a project which changes my understanding of communication between representatives of different societies and the process of intercultural learning.

The informal and non-formal techniques of learning was deeply effective with the aim to activate team members and increasing their knowledge's, skills and understanding of other countries and differences between them. The process of communication between countries team was well prepared.

The participant was included in the activities and starts to communicate with each other after first day of the exchange. The program of the project was well prepared and deep thought out. The participants are interested in all trainings activities and discussions. This youth exchange was a great possibility for participants which not regularly involve in ERASMUS+ projects to improve themselves. The Ukrainian team was not so experienced in this component and that's why every team member had a possibility to open the "new world" of Erasmus + projects and new opportunities and unusual (for them) trainings methodic and activities.

The project challenged everybody in different ways so it will help to build more sustainable and democratic society.
Olga Shynkar
The thing I like most is communication. I liked that full days we communicated with each others. It was a good idea to divide people from one country in different teams.

Trainings were held around the issues of overcoming inequality, discrimination and teamwork. The participants discussed youth exchanges, training courses and other programs, providing very helpful advices to all participants and informing them about the programs.

It was a great pleasure to be a part of a big group of young people from different countries. We met and lived together to jointly carry out a work programme designed and prepared by youth exchange. This was a mix of workshops, exercises, debates, role-plays, simulations and outdoor activities. They allowed us to develop competences; discover new cultures, habits and life-styles through peer learning; and strengthen values like solidarity, democracy and friendship.

Excellent organization of international exchange included not only training, but also cultural program and excursions. Impressions from the program in Cyprus are very positive: unique experience, new knowledge, language practice, new professional and personal contacts. Erasmus + provides opportunities for people of all ages, helping them develop and share knowledge and experience across institutions and organizations across countries.

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